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Editor’s Notes:

Special thanks to Siân Caitlin Burkitt, Swathi Subhash, Josh Lowe, Steve Malledant, Jessica Carr, Matt Swaine, Fflur Evans, Kent Kidman.

Since the 360-degree video could only play in order, we put separate videos and the reasons why we choose these five “living” objects below.

The first story begins with a conversation with a statue of Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the NHS system, who is standing on the start of Queen Street. Nowadays, NHS is one thing that British people really proud of. The international comparisons also show that the NHS outperforms other countries in terms of quality of care, efficiency, access, and equity. However, the NHS still receives crisis perhaps mainly because that, since the NHS is underfunded, some people have to wait for quite a long time to be treated. So, our group thinks it is meaningful to introduce something about Aneurin Bevan and discuss the merits and demerits of the NHS system.

The second story is about a dialogue with a beer bottle that being left on the street after the Six-Nations Rugby tournament. The main topic of this story is the seriousness of rubbish on the street after big events. For example, tonnes of rubbish such as bins, bottles, cans, and food wrappings were left in the city streets of Cardiff after Wales beat England at rugby, which is the main background of our story. Through this story and the interview with an organiser of litter picking events, we want people to think about their behaviour and spare a thought for those who have to pick up the pieces.

The third object we choose is a mailbox. People don’t write letters anymore because it’s time-consuming. Besides we have lightning fast alternatives to connect with another person or send messages. In the era of social media, written letters don’t stand a chance. Thanks to the advent of the internet, we are able to interact in real time. However, our group wants to know whether handwriting letters still have that special feeling attached to people or not, and we’re going to find out that through a Vox pop of people’s recent experience about sending handwriting letters.

We choose the New Theatre as the fourth object. There are many reasons why theatre has been around for thousands of years and is still growing. Many people describe the theatre as something magical, that theatre brings people together and allow them to escape for a time being. Unfortunately, fewer people would go to the theatre these days, not only in Cardiff but throughout the UK, which is especially common among the younger generation. Through this story, we want to explore the reason and see if people who work in the New Theatre already find a possible way to attract young people.

The last object we choose for our project is fish and chips, a prominent meal in British culture. On the one hand, it is a popular national food, and there’s a fish and chips shop on most high streets. On the other hand, this meal also has a bad reputation for being greasy and unhealthy. What’s more, some people could have fish and chips every day while others may dislike because it’s oily, bland, or tasteless. We have no intention in this podcast to discover the whole truth about the fish and chips, but only people’s real feeling towards it.