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Do you feel safe walking alone at night?

Research shows that the homicide rate in England and Wales have risen to the highest in a decade. We asked the public about their feeling towards the safety of living in Cardiff.

Street of Cardiff at night

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 719 homicides in the year to June, which was the highest number since March 2008.

Meanwhile, there were 39,332 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, which is 12% higher than last year. Besides, the numbers of recorded robberies, sexual offences, vehicle-related theft and burglaries have risen sharply as well.

Although almost all the people would say Cardiff is a safe city to live in, there still be some issues such as homeless people and drunk people on the street at night that worry them, with men less likely to get scared than women. We asked the public about their major concern.

Mohamed, 31, student, Cardiff


I am not afraid of walking alone on the street late at night because I think Cardiff is quite safe, but sometimes I feel a bit worried about homeless people because there are so many of them.

Amy Biddulph, 24, make up artist, Cardiff

Amy Biddulph

I think it’s safe, but I usually just walk to the train station so I’m with people all the time. Sometimes I see many homeless people fighting and that worries me.

Teifion Griffiths, 80, retiree, Cardiff

Teifion Griffiths

I used to live in London for many years, and Cardiff is a lot safer, but I will not go to a club at night at all because it is noisy and there are lots of drunk people.

Helen Rees, 49, nurse, Cardiff

Helen Rees

It depends, some places can be really dangerous at night, for example, the centre, it is very dark. There are several times that drunk people just struggled and grappled with each other in front of me. What’s worse, not just at night, there are drunk people on the street all the time.

Targo Tarrant-Cornish, 27, unemployed, Cardiff

Targo Tarrant-Cornish

I think Cardiff is quite safe, there would be some scuffles in pubs, but I don’t think they really want to hurt people, they are just drunk people acting in a silly way.