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The impacts of air pollution

Factory with smoke

Poor air quality damages your health. How big a problem is it and how can we fix it?

Coal powerplant

Coal power stations are large contributors to air pollution in the UK.

Air pollution is caused by emissions from transport, power plants and factories. Breathing in these dangerous pollutants affects your lungs and overall health.

High levels of pollutants like small particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrous oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO) have been linked to diseases like asthma, lung cancer, and even diabetes.

Tackling air pollution is difficult because the modern lifestyle depends so much on the ability to quickly transport goods and access to cheap electricity. Air quality is particularly poor in cities because of the high densities of cars.

One suggested way to improve the air quality in the UK is to invest more in public transport and encourage its use. The more people that use public transport the fewer vehicles there will be on the roads, and the fewer noxious fumes will be produced.