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We Need To Talk About Male Suicide

Across the developed world, the rate of men that take their lives is disproportionately higher than women, so what are the possible solutions to this problem?

Why men are more likely to commit suicide than women is still not fully understood. Charities addressing this problem, such as the Samaritans, describe this social issue as having many underlying factors from economic status and social class, to age and mental illness along with growing concerns over traditional masculinity.

Men, especially those from poorer backgrounds, are particularly at risk when they feel like they are unable to provide for their families. Believing they are not fulfilling their role as the provider and the shame and stigma that goes along with this can lead to greater risk of suicide.


One of the biggest problems around male suicide is the lack of emotional literacy amongst men. No matter their background, men do not talk about their emotions as much as women. We spoke to Cardiff based charity, The Jacob Abraham Foundation, about how to combat this problem, what young men in distress can do and how we can address the problem in society.

Featured image by Luis Honrado. CC by 2.0 cropped for purpose.