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The mental health crisis among UK students

More students are suffering from mental health problems in recent years, but what are the factors that make it a particular problem for university students, and what are potential solutions?

Typical symptoms of mental illness among university students in the UK. © Leah Ida Harris

Recently, the subject of mental health among students has becoming a major concern nationwide, with sufferers of mental illnesses overwhelming support services and failing to always receive the treatment they require.

There are also alarming suicide rates among the student population. The data makes it clear that this is not incidental. Students’ anxiety about pursuing perfectionism may be the biggest trigger. Mental illness may lead to various negative effects on not only their academic performance but also their social life. Various experts have given reasons and suggestions about this mental health crisis.

Current situation of mental health problems among university students in the UK.

How can universities help students with mental illnesses?

What should we be aware of regarding mental health problems among students in the UK?