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Charity runners in Bute Park run for the homeless

Charity runners in Bute Park run to raise funds for Shelter Cymru to help the people in housing problems. 

Runners on the halfway circuit.

Around 20000 people joined the Winter Warmer Run and collected funds through tickets to help the homeless in Cardiff last Sunday.

Fix events, one of the leading multi-sport event management companies in the UK, organized this sports activity with the aim to support Shelter Cymru, which works on providing housing advice and support to the homeless.

Fix Events organized this marathon to support Shelter.

The Fundraising Officer of Shelter Cymru, Ava Plowright says: “Our goal is to help people living in poor housing and people risk losing their houses and the main group is the homeless.”

Shelter has cooperated widely with other organizations to tackle the causes and consequences of the housing crisis while working with the media to ensure that the voices of the homeless can be heard.

One of the runners, Kirsty, who works as Expedition leader says: “This activity is in good time because it is after the winter and you want to do some exercise. People like to challenge themselves by attending this kind of activity and also raise money for charity.”

In Wales, 86.8 per 10,000 households were assessed as homeless in 2018-19, in which Cardiff occupied the highest number.

Shelter’s definition of “homeless”.

Housing Minister Julie James said: “Many people think homelessness is only about rough sleeping – it is not. Many young people experiencing, or at risk of homelessness don’t recognize themselves as homeless.

“If you don’t have a place to call home it is likely that you are experiencing ‘hidden homelessness.’ So if you think you’re experiencing hidden homelessness or you’re at risk of it then get help now. It’s never too late or too early to get help.”

Up to now, Shelter has helped millions of people get out of housing problems and last year 33,000 households have seen a positive change in their housing situation.