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Cycles in crisis in Cathays as crime rate shoots up

Cycle thieves have recently plagued Cathays with bold thefts in daylight, why is the problem worsening for all cyclists of Cardiff?

Amateur cyclists often find their cycles gone within hours.

Cyclists face the problem of rising cycle theft as September saw 79 reports in Cathays, the highest this year.

With 455 cycle thefts reported in just a mere 267 days this year and the fact that the bicycle theft rate in Cardiff is four times higher than Swansea, has made the city the cycle theft capital of Wales.

Liza Van Zyl from Cardiff Social Cycling said “There is a horrendous problem with bike theft outside Cardiff Central Library, often absolutely blatant in broad daylight. The council refuse to put CCTV over the cycle shed.”

Good locks don’t ensure safety as tires can still be stolen.

Thieves target frail locks and areas with no CCTV cover in the City Centre. Kimberley Low, a victim of cycle theft said “My partner’s bike was stolen from East Tyndall Street in August this year despite being locked up. Police weren’t great at following up and we never got the bike back. The thief was caught on CCTV, but the image wasn’t high-quality enough for police to ID him.”

Cyclists believe that the problem isn’t the top priority of the South Wales Police Force as it stands. Adam Odey from South Wales Cycling said “Unfortunately police resources are so stretched that bike theft is the least of their priorities. The general view in the community appears to be that the police are effectively powerless when it comes to dealing with cycle thefts.”

Ensure you get D-locks to help deter thieves.

The issues seems to boil down to the inability of the police to cope with this menace. David Malins CertHE, Vice Chair, Cardiff Cycling Campaign  said “They need more detective training and officers who are willing to investigate, rather than saying that we are unlikely to get our bikes back.”

Many riders have now given up hopes on recovering their bicycle as most of it is sold within days online for instant cash. The few lucky ones who ever recovered their bicycles have done so on their own.