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How Brexit will Influence the EU Workforce in the Hospitality Industry?

Over 62% of the hospitality workforce in the UK comes from the EU nations which will be heavily influenced by the Brexit, but how will it influence the hospitality industry and people within it?

The hospitality sector is a hugely important part of the UK’s economic and social landscape, employing over 3 million people, creating over £130 billion in economic activity and providing some of the country’s best social spaces. 

The hospitality industry consists of the food and drink, accommodation and tourism sectors. The seasonal work, uncertain career progression and shift patterns in the industry all lack appeal to British workers.

Therefore, KPMG estimates that there are around 3.2 million people from EU nations in the hospitality industry and it currently requires 62,000 EU migrants per year to be able to maintain its developments.

What are the reasons for the UK hospitality industry’s reliance on large numbers of EU nationals?

What is the future of EU employees in the hospitality industry after the Brexit?

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