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What’s your opinion about the service the NHS provides?

What’s Cardiffs opionion about the NHS?

The NHS has recently been criticized for its poor service, over worked staff and long waiting times. However what do people really think of the service provided by the NHS. What has their own or close relations personal experiences been like and how do they rank the NHS against the rest of the world. What do people on the streets of Cardiff really think of our health service?


Name                    Alex Rhose
Age                        23
Occupation         Chef


“Private health care tends to be quicker but you get the impression that they want you in and out as soon as possible it’s all about the money for them, that very different to the NHS.”


Name                    Guanglu Wu
Age                        26
Occupation         Engineering student

NHS wales vox pox

“Compared to China the NHS seems to be very slow. China is defiantly better, their hospitals are open 24/7 you can turn up whenever you want and be seen straight away.”


Name                    Alex
Age                        30
Occupation         Nurse


“I’ve worked for the NHS for 3 years now in Scotland apart from the pay everything is always very good.”


Name                    Trevor Lane
Age                        61
Occupation         Unemployed

NHS Cardiff Trevor

“My experiences of the NHS is very good. I had cancer on my spine back in 2004 and they operated straight away. They couldn’t get all of it but they gave my regular check-ups.”


Name                    M.Shepard
Age                        66
Occupation         Retired civil servant

NHS shepard Wales

“The NHS in Wales used to be the envy of the world, it’s not so much anymore and that’s because of the lack of funding.”