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Bus stops in the city centre to become bee friendly

The Cardiff city centre will soon be ready to welcome bees with wildflowers being planted on the roofs of the bus stops. 

The roof of a bus stop to get decorated with wildflowers.
Photo by Edvin Johansson on Unsplash

Cardiff Council will soon plant wildflowers on the roofs of bus stops in the city to attract bees and other insects. 

This month Cardiff Council announced their new initiative through which they are going to plant wildflowers on roofs of ten bus stops around the city centre to help boost local wildlife in the city.

Wildflowers will help attract bees to the city centre.
Photo by Jenna Lee on Unsplash

A Council spokesman said: “As part of the plans, the council will be introducing bee bus stops in the city centre, where wildflowers and plants will be planted on the roof of specific bus stops to attract insects and most importantly bees.”

Cardiff Council has chosen various central bus stops for this scheme including one in Wood Street, Lower St Mary Street, Park Street, Castle Street and Kingsway.

Along with this Dumfries Place, Station Terrace and Churchill Way, Cycleway one on Cathays Terrace and Whitchurch Road these locations will also be included. Those not included in the scheme will remain the same.

Soon wildflowers will be blooming in the city centre.
Photo by Ineke van Galen on Unsplash

The Ex-ecological consultant who specialised in plants, Sally Moralee said, “Anything to “green” our towns and cities is a good thing providing we don’t introduce invasive non-native species but this should not be confused with plant conservation which is more about protecting our vanishing native sites and vulnerable species.

“They are quite probably a good idea for many invertebrates (including moths, spiders, bees and hoverflies), depending on the plant species used.”

Clear Channel will handle the maintenance part of this project, as part of their contract with the Council in which they maintain all the bus stops in Cardiff. 

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