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What do you do when you see people littering the streets?

Many people litter the streets of Cardiff everyday

Cardiff is one of UK’s growing cities, and a messy one. Many people are seen littering the streets despite there being bins for the same. Throwing light on this, we interviewed people in Cardiff and asked them if they would pick up someone else’s trash.

Cardiff is one of UK’s fastest growing cities and it is said to be growing more and more each year. As it continues to grow, more waste is bound to be generated each year.

The city’s Materials Recycling Facility gets 42,000 tonnes of recyclable waste produced in the city every year.

The council has to empty around 1,700 bins and 1,900 kilometres of pavements and yet many people are found littering the streets.

We asked the people on the streets of Cardiff what they would do if they see someone littering the streets and what they feel about it. Many of them, coming from different fields, had different answers.

Ahana, 25, Student

“I wish I could say I walk up to them and tell them not to do it but I don’t do it as often because I’m from India and you see it so often there. And many don’t like it. Maybe here they take it well. If it was someone younger than me I would tell them but if it is someone much older and they look like they wouldn’t receive it well, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve done it when I was much younger and they haven’t liked it.”

Joanne Malla, 34, Police officer

“I don’t tend to do much about it. I wouldn’t say anything. I don’t think it’s okay but I still don’t want to get into an unnecessary argument. Sometimes I would, I guess it depends.”

Jurj Alexandra, 30, Waiter

“I don’t do much about it. I want to help I see a lot of people throw trash on the streets. But, I just don’t do it sometimes because I wouldn’t like if someone told me the same thing.”

Stewart, 25, Recruitment consultant

“If I were to give my honest opinion, it makes me feel a little bit aggrieved they can’t use a bin but I don’t normally do anything about it. I can’t give you a good answer to that, I should do more about it but I’ve got my own life, I’m quite busy, so I just don’t do anything about it.”

Dylan Gunner, 19, Student

“I don’t do anything about it. I just let them do it. It doesn’t make me too angry, depends on what it is though. Obviously I’m like you shouldn’t do that but it doesn’t make me feel too angry.”