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Cardiff City fans are excited as there is a chance of the team being promoted


Cardiff City football club fans are looking forward to Saturday’s game as there is a likelihood of promotion

Cardiff City players and fans celebrating a game.
Image Credit: Cardiff City FC

Cardiff’s football team Cardiff City have a real chance of being promoted to the Premier League, which is the top league in England.

Cardiff City fans, more commonly known as the ‘Bluebirds‘, will be hoping to beat Stoke City on Saturday and hopefully be unbeaten for eight matches in a row. 

David Giles, former Welsh professional footballer and Wales international says the “fans are the heart and soul of the club.”

Captain Sean Morrison led Cardiff City to their last promotion to the Premier League for the 2018/19 campaign. He will be hoping to parade around the city of Cardiff in the famous promotion bus once again after the season.

The fans are getting ready for the big game away to Stoke City this Saturday as manager Neil Harris’ side are three points off the Championship play-off spots.

Morrison says, “Cardiff City has become home for me. It’s a massive part of my life. I’m very proud to be captain of a great club. It means the world.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else apart from here right now. The way we’re moving forward this season’s been great. 

“If I could lead the boys to the Premier League, it’d be incredible not only for myself but for the lads and the fans.”

@CardiffCityFC match preview tweet before the Stoke City game Saturday

Cardiff City has a “real chance of making that Championship top six,” says Captain Sean Morrison. By being in the top six in Championship football, the teams have a chance to be promoted to the Premier League.

Cardiff City began the season with apparent inconsistency. Sport and team work consistency have been better since the Cardiff City’s New Year’s game against London team Queens Park Rangers, which has gained the Bluebirds’ hope of reaching the play-offs spots. 

Morrison said that the supporters have always been fantastic since he joined the team six years ago. Giles says that the fans make Cardiff City who they are.

Born and bred Cardiffian and lifetime Cardiff City fan Nigel Jones, “My team will always be Cardiff City. Cardiff City fans are family. Once a Bluebird, always a Bluebird.

“Chopra Bluebird Jones, my chihuahua, named after Michael Chopra, and I are going to be cheering for our team on Saturday.”  Micheal Chopra was a striker for Cardiff City in 2006-2007 and then in 2008-2009 on loan.

Cardiff football sport
Nigel Jones and his chihuahua Chopra Bluebird Jones

“A promotion would mean everything to the fans. We are performing well, and all my City friends and I are loving the atmosphere at the games.

“Cardiff City will always be news and relevant to born and bred Cardiffians. The fans are more or less part of the city’s furniture.”

Cardiff City plays away against Stoke City on Saturday 22nd of February at 3 pm.

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