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Do you think Rugby has been snubbed by the Sports Personality nominations?

Do you think that rugby has been neglected by Sports Personality nominations? A debate has rolled to the public due to rugby’s double snub on BBC’s shortlists.

After the BBC Sports Personality award nominations have been announced, some noticed that there were no representatives from either code of rugby on the shortlist despite Maro Itoje and Owen Farrell, who are just nominated as the Player of the Year prize, having helped England rugby to gain Six Nations wins.

This is rugby’s second time snub since the failure of any cricketers to gain any place on the shortlist in 2015 after England reclaimed the Ashes and Joe Root became the world’s No 1 batsman.

According to Daily Telegraph, Ian McGeechan who is the legendary former Lions coach said: “It is disappointing, particularly this year, where it’s been an outstanding Six Nations followed by a Lions tour where you go away to the world champions and play an incredible Test series.”

Cirl, 47, Mechanic, Cardiff

“Yes, rugby has been definitely neglected. There should be some representatives of rugby on the shortlist because it is popular. BBC is a bias place and they pick and choose anyone they like.”

Ian, 51, Chef, Swansea

“Although I’m a big fan of rugby, I don’t think that they have been neglected. The reason why rugby players are not on the shortlist is that they are not good enough.”

Rachael, 20, Student, Cardiff

“To me, rugby is a sport which I really passionate about, but I don’t really think it’s necessarily nationwide like football that one or two players are very international and have more chance to win this award. Because rugby is more of a team game, it comes across a group rather than an individual player. Maybe that’s the reason why rugby players are harder to gain attention.”

Ashley, 26, Student, Cardiff

“Yes, I think so. I don’t know why they are not on the list. It seems that rugby is always supported by Welsh people and maybe because it is not the mainstream.”

Hannah, 36, Social Worker, Cardiff

“It doesn’t border me at all. Although I watch rugby, I’m not a fan of it and I can’t see anyone standout that should be honoured as Sports Personality of the year.”

John, 49, Community Manager, Cardiff

“I don’t think rugby has been neglected so much. Rugby is very popular in South Wales but it is just not as popular as football. We can also see many sports have not been picked by BBC and I believe there are several reasons for that.”

Sandra Silcocks, 55 and Royce Silcocks, 61, Retired, Cardiff

“Yes, we think it should be a rugby player on it. Because they played very well this year both for British Lions and for Wales. They should be nominated. Basically, everybody from every sport should be given inclusion from it.”