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Should Ched Evans be allowed to represent Wales?

Ched Evans was convicted of rape in 2012, and spent two and a half years of his sentence before it was quashed in April 2016. He was then found not guilty in October 2016.

He attempted to re-join his previous club, Sheffield United after his conviction was quashed, but the club received threats from sponsors, and even members of staff received death threats from campaigners. He previously held 13 Wales caps, and there is speculation that his current form with Chesterfield may be enough to earn him a call-up. But campaign groups argue that he shouldn’t be allowed to represent his country. How he’s viewed in the public eye however is unclear, by football fans and those who aren’t directly interested in the sport.

Katherine, 48, carer.


I understand that his conviction has been overturned, but he has been a silly boy, and knew what he was doing. He could be a poor role model.”

Julie, 51, Saleswoman.


“I believe that if the jury have ruled him not guilty then he should be allowed to play for his country.”

Paul, 49, Managing Director.


“Provided he has definitely been cleared of all wrongdoing, and even served two and a half years, he should be allowed to play for Wales.”

Trevor, 66, Retired.


“I don’t exactly know who he is, and i’d never heard of him prior to this story, but if he’s been found not-guilty then he can do as he pleases.”

Dot, 50, Marketing.


“I’m not a fan of football, but surely if he hasn’t been found guilty then he should be allowed to represent anyone.”

Maurice, 53, Magazine Salesman.


“He’s done nothing wrong, of course he should be allowed to play for Wales, she’s done worse than him. he should sue Sheffield United, and the press for presenting him in such a poor light.”

On reflection, it appears that public perception of Evans is positive, and he may indeed not face as much opposition as previously thought, should the Welsh national team wish to call him up.