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#ThisCardiffGirlCan campaign motivates women across Cardiff to take up sports

Inspired by #ThisGirlCan campaign run all over UK, Cardiff University launched its own #ThisCardiffGirlCan campaign celebrating women who are active in sports and encouraging those who wish to do it too.


Women in Cardiff were encouraged to play sports actively during the #ThisCardiffGirlCan campaign run by the Cardiff University Student’s Union last week.

Inspired by the #ThisGirlCan campaign running across England, Cardiff University Student’s Union launched their own spin-off called #ThisCardiffGirlCan campaign between the 30th of January to 3rd of February 2017 to promote women’s participation in sports.

“Through this campaign, we wanted to break the stigma that surrounds women’s sports participation,” said Elin Harding, VP Sports and Athletic Union (AU) President at Cardiff University. “The difference between the coverage men’s sports and women’s sports get is huge. This was my way of getting women active.”

Elin Harding (right) with a supporter at #ThiscardiffGirlCan campaign

Elin Harding (right) with a supporter at #ThisCardiffGirlCan campaign

As a part of the campaign run all throughout last week, various events were held including special talks by Becky Oatley, a Cardiff University Alumni, Celtic Dragons – Welsh Netball, Severn Stars and Mizuno Netballer (Left) and Charlotte Arter, Great British Athlete (Right).

The speakers shared their personal experiences with the audience, thereby empowering them to take up sports and set examples for the future.

“Someone did a plank for 11.5 minutes and someone else did 40 burpees in one go which was unbelievable,” said Elin. “I was delighted to find my AU executive training girls for burpees. After all, it is all about being supportive of each other.”


On the other hand, the campaign has taken social media by a storm with former students, sports club members and many more tweeting and sharing stories about their achievements.

Seeing the response, Elin believes that the campaign has left many inspired. If you wish to extend your support, tweet a selfie of yours playing your favorite sport to #ThisCardiffGirlCan and make a difference.

Here are some inspirational quotes from the campaign participants.