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Would you pay almost £1000 to buy a new iPhone X?

Do you think it is worth spending approximately £1000 on a new IPhone X?

Apple released the newest iPhone last week, IPhone X. The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive phone to date. Most important and most expensive, a new smartphone in four years, bringing with a significant change to the design, dumping the home button and have a full-screen experience.

According to the report, outside Apple stores in places like New York, Sydney, Beijing and dubai, customers waiting to buy their phones are queuing up overnight. Importantly, in the last quarter profit beyond samsung regain the world’s most profitable company crown,the announcement of IPhone X promote the company strides toward its “the most profitable quarter “in the history.We asked the public what do they think of the new IPhone X, and whether it is worth to buy it.

Ke Han, 23, student, China

It depends. For me, I won’t buy it now but I don’t know whether I will buy it later. The standard of changing a new phone doesn’t have to be up to date, as long as it can be used. In general, if the memory is full or the battery isn’t good, I’ll consider switching to a new phone. While iPhone X has obvious changes in its appearance, the latest features are also not practical for me. My current phone is iphone6s and has been in use for almost two years now.

Victoria, 20, salesman, Cardiff

I don’t think it’s worth it. Also I don’t know there’s any difference between the new IPhone X and the old one which is why it is so expensive. I changed my phone for almost two years, the last time I change because lost my phone. For a lot of people who are crazy to go for the latest IPhone, it should be respect since it is people’s choice and interest. But for me, IPhone is a very basic thing which I can surfing the internet and contact others, to be honest, other advanced functions are not useful for me.

Charlotte, writer, Cardiff

No. Also I am sure I won’t buy it. I usually use some basic functions of mobile phone, if the battery is broken or I have to change, I’ll get a new phone. Not to pursue the latest IPhone. Until now I use the iPhone 4s.In addition, I think people who are obsessed with the newest phone and the current one is still intact, will have some shame and a little crazy.

Mark, 34, police, Oxford

I don’t think it’s worth it, and even I think it’s kind of ridiculous. But everyone has their own choice, so long as they are willing to buy and can afford it, that’s no problem. I usually get a new phone for 2 or 3 years. I will continue to use the current one unless the battery or the screen is broken. However, the most expensive phone I can accept is up to £200.

Elinor, 22, business analyst, Cardiff

It’s not worth it. For me, it’s almost three years before I get a new phone. Until now I use the iPhone 5s. Because mobile phone is just a device for communication and entertainment, also some functions are enough for me. I wouldn’t queue up overnight to buy a new IPhone X, it seems like a terrible behaviour. Of course, I understand it as everyone’s interest is different.