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Grab Your Award Winning Chips for Only Five Pence!

To celebrate its 50th birthday, Albany Fish Bar will be bringing back the price of chips from 1967, one shilling per bag! That’s just five pence for a big bag of award winning chips!



Not only will Albany Fish Bar be selling chips at the price of one shilling, on Monday 20th February, they will also make an attempt to break the Guiness world record for fastest chip wrapping.

“We are aiming to wrap 5 bags in 50 seconds,” said Waseem Akhtar, manager of Albany Fish Bar. “Our workers has been practicing a lot for this. Using both hands to shake the salt and pepper and making sure their hands are greased up so he can flip the bag and wrap it up quicker.”

As for the one Shilling chips, they will be sold from 12 midday until 10 pm. 300 bags of chips have been prepared for the event. Akhtar also said that all the proceeds from that day will go to charity, “We will ask customers to make a donation along with the five pence. All proceeds will go to Cancer Research Wales.”

This event has sparked a lot of excitement from the citizens of Cardiff. A lot of people have expressed on social media that they will be going to Albany for the one Shilling chips.

Albany Fish Bar is one of the most famous Fish and Chips restaurants in the city and has been around since 1967. In the past years they have gained the titles as the best chips in Cardiff (South Wales Echo), voted as Top Ten chip shop in the UK (The Independent), and regional finalist for Chip Shop of the Year.