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This spring, discover how to get fit outdoors in Cardiff

Tired of working out in a gym? Here’s our 3-step guide to getting fit outdoors.

Accessible location, cozy temperature, and diverse fitness equipment, all of those good features of gym seem to be more and more unappealing when weather gets warmer and days lasts longer. Conversely, sweaty smelling, being crowded, and even sometimes feeling uneasy exercising being watched in gym, all those worries can be easily eliminated by choosing the right ways to work out outdoors! All is about fresh air, free outdoor places, and 24 hours open time!

10 parks in Cardiff

Step 1: Choosing a suitable place

If you look at Cardiff in a different way, in the view of fitness pros, you will find Cardiff is such a suitable city for getting fit! Including Bute park, Roath Park, Heath Park, and Cardiff Bay Barrier, there are in total 10 parks and many other great areas for training yourself outdoors!


Cardiff Bay Outdoor Gym

The outdoor Gym was constructed for London Olympics in 2012, the colorful and diverse fitness equipment may help you get some fun during your training session! Besides, Cardiff Bay Barrage, which has pedestrian roads nearby the sea, is a wonderful place for jogging!


 Click on the buttons in the picture, watch how to get fit with those equipments

Bute Park

The fitness station can be found along the path around Blackweir playing fields in Bute Park. Adding some flavors to your running in Bute Park is a good idea.

Fitness Trial in Bute Park 2.-Hyperextension-Bench-Action-340x220 3.-Parallel-Bars-Action-340x220 4.-Sit-Up-Action1-340x220 5.-Dip-Station-Action-340x220 6.-Chin-Up-Action-crop-340x220 7.-Horizontal-Ladder-Action-340x220 8.-Leg-Lift-Action-340x220
Hyperextension Bench

(Pictures credit to Bute Park & Arboretum)

Roath Park

Wildlife in Roath Park

Also a lover of wildlife? Or getting bored of tedious running training? You will definitely find some exciting elements here. Ducks and geese are free to roam everywhere here, which makes your running an obstacle race. Sometimes, they cheer on you, loudly.

Cheer Up!!!

Sometimes a corner of the city can be a great personal training place

Bute East Dock

This lovely place is called Bute East Dock. “I usually use this wonderful place for training with my clients. As you can see, the rectangular track around the lake is about 1 miles, which is perfect for running training. And those landmarks, like the white building down the road and the yellow one with blue stripe, they can be used as landmarks to change to a different training movements or have a rest.”Said Tobias Poultney, a professional fitness instructor.

“Also, this is a quite place for personal fitness training. If you enjoying working out by yourself without being watched, you find the right place here.”

Step 2: Get yourself some knowledge about how to get fit correctly.

Working out in a correct way is even more important than sticking on your working out plan. We have Tobias here for giving us some advice on working out effectively and efficiently.

Clip41 from Danyang Shen on Vimeo.

Step 3: Make a plan and go for it!

If you have already got an outdoor place in your mind and understand the methods of getting fitness, then just give yourself a go!  Also keep in mind those basic but useful tips for your plans of working out outdoors !

Security Tips for Outdoor exercises