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Inter Cardiff’s News in brief

From award-winning graduates to feminists tearing up misogynistic literature, this week Inter Cardiff have brought you the best news, features and reviews from across the Welsh capital.

NEWS: Cardiff graduate creates award-winning travel app

Created by Cardiff Economics grad Daniel Swygart, Trekinherd is an innovative travel app that is accessible to users all over the globe. Having being commended by the likes of Richard Branson, and preparations being underway with the release of Trekinherd next month, Swygart discusses his journey, offers advice to young entrepreneurs as well as some tips and tricks from Richard Branson on how to succeed in business. Read more on Inter Cardiff here.

NEWS: Cardiff charity says “moral leadership” will restore public faith in sector

In the wake of the Oxfam scandal, which saw the organisation lose 7,000 permanent donors, trust in the charity sector has been shaken.

Cardiff charity, United Purpose release a statement regarding how public faith can be restored. Read more on Inter Cardiff here.

FEATURE: Tearing up misogyny one page at a time

A group of women in Cardiff are cutting up books that endorse stereotypical gender roles in society.

By turning their house into a creative space, these women are creating their own poetry and literature in their attempt to remove themselves from patriarchal structures. Read more on Inter Cardiff here.

FEATURE: 24 hours in Guildford: how you should explore the historical wonderland

A day-plan of exactly what to do, visit and eat during 24 hours in Guildford, Surrey.

The guide takes you through from morning to night, with everything from street markets to brunch spots and Alice in Wonderland statues to cathedrals. Read more on Inter Cardiff here.

REVIEW: You Were Never Really Here: Joaquin Phoenix will leave you in awe

Reviewing the film adaptation of the acclaimed psychological thriller starring Joaquin Phoenix.

In a dark and powerful plot Phoenix’s veteran lead vows to find a senator’s missing daughter, but nothing is as it first appears. Read more on Inter Cardiff here. 

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