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Reptile Cymru: Explore a mini-rainforest

Are you a fan of reptiles? Do you want to have a fantasy rainforest-adventure  in Cardiff? Here is Reptile Cymru, a “secret garden” for you to meet those wonderful creatures!

Ben and a freckled monitor climbing on his chest

I first met Ben in a rainy afternoon on Tuesday in Canton. Although Cold and moist outside, warm and comfortable when I saw his big smile.

Here is Reptile Cymru, the “Secret Garden “of Ben and Christy and those interested. The shop was opened in 2007 and now share a great diversity of these wonderful creatures.

Dino & Dina, a pair of rare sailfin dragon were old friends to both the owners and customers here since 2009.

Though they are not for sale, you can still find other species of reptiles like corn snakes, Cameroon dwarf day geckos, and tarantulas etc.Reptile Cymru have a group of loyal customers with a multinational base. People may not share the same language but they do have their same “language” without bias.

Welcome to this “Secret Garden” and it would be your fantasy secret mini rainforest!

Could you distinguish which is Dino and Dina? Dino is on the left!


Yemen chameleon is changing its color. He is the only one chameleon in Reptile Cymru, but more are on their way!









Ben is telling the story about this 3-week-old corn snake to his customers

“The hard thing here is you need to ensure people can really look up those creatures,” says Ben.


The mini rainforest in Ben’s eyes. “There are over 100 snakes and lizards, a wide range of equipment and vivariums, as well as quality frozen food and fresh livefood boxed up for you every single day,” says Ben. 

“Ben is a nice person, and Reptile Cymru have a good reputation,” says one customer “I can always get what I want, so I come back.”