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The 5 best chip shops in Cardiff, rated and reviewed for you

Chips are important. Good chips are vital. And in Cardiff, they’re a way of life. As a chip connoisseur once said, “If you think about it, Cardiff is the fish and the people are the chips.” 

Chips have been a food staple in British culture since the 1860s. Let’s face it, there’s a reason.

A night out in Cardiff inevitably ends in a Styrofoam box of battered potato wedges smothered in salt and vinegar — and for the more daring, a drool-inducing curry sauce. It’s the natural progression of events, why Cardiff’s Caroline Street has been so handsomely dubbed “Chippy Lane” as every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, its cobble stone pulses with sultry-smelling chip boxes and blithely swelling tummies. 


But with over 20 chippies to choose from, the choice can feel daunting. 

So we decided to review five of the most popular chip shops spread around Cardiff. Rather than testing every curry sauce and battered sausage recipe, we decided to get down to the basics and keep it simple:

Who has the best chips with the perfect blend of vinegar and salt? Everyone knows you can’t have peng curry if the chips underneath are insipid little strips.

Check out our interactive map of the Top 5 Chip Shops in Cardiff rated and reviewed – along with a few extra spots for you to test yourself – so your next night out can end in perfect salt, vinegar and greasy euphoria. 

And don’t forget to take our quiz at the bottom to test your chippy-ness!