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Should UK government ban the sale of firework ?

UK government is planning to take serious steps against the sale of fireworks, but what do Cardiff residents think about it? 

A guy enjoying colourful fireworks display event

Every firework lover in UK nowadays celebrates ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ for the entire month by burning firecrackers but no one considers the dreadful impact those noises has on other people and animals.

This year government is thinking about banning the fireworks as they are harmful, annoying and affecting the environment.

This is what people in Cardiff think about government’s new step. 

Aimee, 24, Sales assistant

“With firework going on week before the event was ridiculous as I couldn’t sleep at all. I have even signed the petition as I think it should be banned completely. Professional firework is fine but general sales of firecrackers in public should be banned.”

Berylslocombe, 65

“My dog was petrified because of the firecrackers.  I have signed the petition, government should ban firework from public places. firecrackers should not be available in the shops as well as online. According to me only authority people should be allowed to do the fireworks otherwise government should ban them completely.”

Richard Penn, 72, Consultant

“I think fireworks should be stopped all together as it is unpleasant and complete waste of money. Last night my wife was driving and few guys were throwing firecrackers in her way.

“It is okay if local authority and councils want to organise the display, people who want to watch them can pay and go to the park where the firework display is organised but they shouldn’t be sold at all. ” 

Darren, 52, Manager

“While the fireworks display was going on the bang shocked my dog rather than scared him.  He enjoyed the fireworks while he sat in the garden.  he is used to the medium noises so it does not affect him a lot. I haven’t signed the petition as me and George (dog) we both enjoy the fireworks. If people use fireworks sensibly there won’t be any problem.” 

Charlie, 23, Monk

“I think people Nowadays don’t know much about the tradition and even if they do they don’t care as they just want to see lights and colours. But it harms animals and tress which is not worth it. Fireworks causes lot of smoke on the road and makes it difficult to see. According to me it should be banned completely.”

Lauren Hughes, 26, Project manager

“My dog Mylo didn’t like fireworks at all, on 5th of November I had to switch on the TV and had to play music so that it won’t affect him. He is okay if the firework events are going on at distance; there is a difference when fireworks are happening at public places but the danger is when people bring firecrackers at homes. I don’t think it should be banned completely but they should ban it in residential areas.” 

Coles, 73, Retired

” What I feel is fireworks are bad for environment. Personally I don’t think government should ban fireworks completely but they should be controlled. Instead of banning them completely common firework should be arranged on big fields away from houses and animals so that it won’t harm them.”

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