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Nature’s Little Christmas Helpers


Forget Santa this Christmas, Natures Little Helpers will provide you the perfect present

Forget Santa this Christmas, Nature’s Little Helpers will provide you with the perfect present (Photos provided by Nature’s Little Helpers)

The buzzing business was set up by Tim Wright and Pete Shaw, “the Buzzkatears”, in Lisvane two years ago.

The business currently has 80 hives and plans to expand to around 400 over South Wales.

Nature’s Little Helpers provides natural and locally made products including: honey, lip balms, hand and baby balms, soaps, lotions and candles.   

Wright, who has been a beekeeper for the past seven years, explains: “We are beekeepers and it gives us great pleasure in using some of the products we get from these lovely creatures in all of our Nature’s products.”

Nature’s Little Helpers products are sold in many markets and events throughout Wales. Wright discloses: “This time of year our range of lip balms and soaps sell very well along with our honey.”



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