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South Wales Whisky expands to Swansea

South Wales Whisky Interest Group (SWWIG) founders Jon Birkbeck and Matt Peters provide a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment to whisky lovers and tentative triers in Cardiff and Newport with an imminent launch due in Swansea.

Selection of tasters at SWWIG events

Selection of tasters at SWWIG events

Having returned in 2013 from an Inner Hebrides whisky expedition with a wealth of knowledge, they were keen to continue their appreciation for the malt but noticed the lack of events for whisky fans and thus SWWIG came into being in June 2014. Birkbeck and Peters’ aim was to, “Create friendly, relaxed events where everyone could sample some fantastic and unique whiskies, the likes of which you won’t find in the supermarket. The emphasis has always been on quality over quantity, and we always promote responsible enjoyment at our events.”

In the name of research SWWIG have visited a lot of distilleries and are convinced there is a whisky for everyone.

Events usually run monthly in Cardiff and Newport.

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