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10 Feet Tall to host ping pong event

After the success of their weekly ping pong session due to its surprising popularity, 10 Feet Tall has decided that they will continue to host the event.

Called Bring it Pong, fans of the game will be able to unite over their love of the retro sport every Tuesday evening.

Photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/sportnottinghamshire/

Challenge your friends to game of ping pong at 10 Feet Tall

The more competitive among us will even have the chance to compete in a tournament held every last Tuesday of the month.

But in a world filled with technology, why is this classic game experiencing a revival?

Rosa Bickerton, events manager at 10 Feet Tall muses, “It think the event appeals to people as it’s something different for people to do rather than sitting in and watching the TV. It’s a lot of fun and everyone secretly thinks they’re good at table tennis!”

Photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/sexindirtywater/

Bring it Pong will be held every Tuesday night at 10 Feet Tall

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