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Vintro magazine launches today

The vintage magazine takes their readers into a retro lifestyle with a more modern twist in the streets of Cardiff

The vintage clothing line at Sobey’s has something for everyone

Reworking the old into something new, Vintro magazine is showing the vintage lifestyle with a modern twist.

The magazine covers topics of the retro era; from fashion to music, it will make the readers work vintage into their modern lifestyle.

Creators Chris Wallace, Emmet McGonagle, Filiz Mehmedova, and Lara Harrison, are postgraduate students at Cardiff University studying Magazine Journalism. The four students loved the vintage shops that surround the city of Cardiff, and wanted to bring the 80s-90s feel to the magazine.

The Vintro crew shows their readers how to make Turkish coffee, step-by-step, so that they will also enjoy a centuries-old coffee tradition. At the end, readers can also read their fortunes from the sludge at the bottom of the cup.

The group did an interview with the vintage shop, Sobey’s, where the shop reworks all old fashioned clothes and make them anew. Their range of apparel is clothing, accessories, backpacks, hats, coats, and so much more.

Vinyl records are making a comeback in Cardiff

The group also went to the Cardiff’s arcades to check out the music scene. With vinyl records and old fashion guitars being the popular trends right now, the Vintro creators looked to see what products the audience likes. Spillers and D’Vinyl Records are setting the tone for music lovers, while PMT store has a wide variety of guitars.

Then, they went underground and went to a speakeasy bar. The prohibition era is a big part of the vintage lifestyle. Vintro takes readers back in time with a bar at a secret location in Cardiff, called the Dead Canary. With vintage décor, a mysterious atmosphere, and a unique twist to speakeasy cocktails, the audience will never want to leave this birdcage.

Finally, at the end of the pages, the Vintro crew wants their readers to pick up the magazine while sipping on a cocktail like the Black Knight.

Take a sneak peak at the first issue of Vintro Magazine 

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