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Art, stripped down and baring all


Moving with the times; sketches from a previous life-drawing class

10 Feet Tall hosts an innovative life-drawing class every Tuesday evening from 6pm. Veterans of illustration and artistic amateurs alike occupy the bar’s atmospheric third floor, putting pencil to paper in an uninhibited creative outpouring.

 The sessions are the brainchild of Andy Lamb, co-ordinator of Cardiff Life Models. Now in their second year of working at 10 Feet Tall, Andy has welcomed “artistic talent ranging from all ages, backgrounds and skill.” The warm, relaxed environment is far removed from the rigid, institutionalised classes available elsewhere.

 Models offer diverse sessions and amicable chatter is encouraged throughout, as is sampling the bar’s extensive drinks menu. No artistic experience or materials are needed, just come along with an open mind and a willingness to draw the human form, says Andy. 

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