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Can you brave the heat of Firewalk?

Firewalk is an exhilarating new charity event for BulliesOut [links], the Cardiff based initiative offering support and information to families, children and schools affected by bullying.

The Firewalk itself involves walking barefoot across hot coals, perhaps one of the most difficult challenges as it means completely letting go of the ingrained fear to walk on something that will potentially cause a lot of pain.

What the 800 degree, 20ft Firewalk will look like.

What the 800 degree, 20ft Firewalk will look like.

Rhiannon Fritter running the walk has a great reason behind such an exhilarating event. “when I decided to organise an event I wanted to acknowledge that feeling of fear. I decided on Brave The Blaze For BulliesOut Sponsored Firewalk as it will give participants a level of fear factor but the workshop beforehand will teach them the skills for overcoming that fear and not allowing their fears to hold them back.”

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