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Cardiff button shop turns 30


Claire Grove Buttons is one of the oldest shops in Castle Arcade









Claire Grove Buttons has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, making it one of the oldest shops in Castle Arcade.

October 2012 heralded 30 years of Cardiff-based button business for this quirky, independent retailer. The only button shop in town, it sells approximately 5000 lines of buttons which have been sourced from the backstreets of Udaipur to the homes of local artists.

Customers range from keen knitters eager to trim their latest projects to amateurs looking to spruce up their outfits without spending a fortune. Make-your-own button jewellery is also a popular side-line.

Owner Claire Grove says that the current resurgence in handmade crafts is a blast from the 80s. “People use buttons for more than doing up their clothes – they’re an expression of art and individuality.”

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