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Cardiff recruits Active Citizens

Safer Wales is recruiting volunteers for the Active Citizens programme

Active Citizens participating in an environmentally friendly project for their community (Photographs courtesy of the Creation Development Trust)

Safer Wales is the first Cardiff organisation to recruit volunteers for Active Citizens, a charity run programme aiming to help local residents and spread knowledge of sustainable development.

Active Citizens is a British City Council run programme that aims to develop the community and the world around us by addressing local problems in innovative ways of social action.

Barbara Natasegara, the CEO of Safer Wales, says the organisation has implemented Active Citizens to oversee those excluded from society because of certain vulnerabilities, such as victims of hate crimes, and to be an advocator of sustainable environment.

Barbara states, “We are recruiting people who have a certain set of skills, who want to do something in their own community, that can link with overseas communities, and be aware of sustainable development.”

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