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Not enough skate parks say boarders

DIY skate parks are popular because there aren’t enough official facilities, enthusiasts claim.

The remains of A DIY skate park in Cardiff

DIY skate parks continue to be built throughout Cardiff, despite recent investments in outdoor facilities.

Just last week a DIY park appeared near Mermaid Quay, fifteen minutes away from the council’s Bay Barrage development. Costing £140,000 to design, develop and build, the development remains popular with skaters but has not prevented calls for more skate board friendly areas.

 John Burnicle, of Prolineskates shop in Cardiff, says it is simply a matter of there not being enough skate parks to meet the demands of skaters. “These kids are not just playing, they’re doing serious tricks. The kids are buying skate products but there’s nowhere for them to go.”

Cardiff council currently maintains thirteen outdoor skate and BMX parks for public use.

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