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Skate shop celebrate 30 years of business

Local skate shop City Surf will celebrate 30 years of business in Cardiff city centre this November. The exhibition will be held in the High Street Arcade on 24 November and will exhibit never before seen footage that will help tell the history of the shop and the history of skateboarding in Cardiff.

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City Surf has been open since 1986 and has been in various locations throughout the city centre. The shop plays an active role in the local scene along with catering for the needs of many surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders all over the UK. “The exhibition will feature never seen before photos, videos and everything else that tells the story of City Surf and Cardiff Skateboarding, Surfing and Snowboarding throughout the years.”

The exhibition will be taking place in 11 High Street Arcade from 5.30pm onwards. City Surf will be in the space until the 19 December. “It will include photos, artifacts, videos and other information dating back as far as the 80’s. It will be a celebration of all things City Surf” said the store manager.

The shop moved to their new premises in 2011 in the High Street Arcade but since then have moved once again into 27 – 31 in the same Arcade. City Surf has one of the best collections of 90’s skateboards in the UK on their walls and the display is constantly on rotation.

City Surf will be taking the site over from previous exhibitor Edwin Burdis, along with Spit and Sawdust, Burdis who captured the essence of the skateboarding scene in South Wales the skate scene in South Wales with videos, photos and zines dating back to the 90’s.

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