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Welsh Hearts Santa and elf run returns

Cardiff residents will put on their running gear and Christmas costumes to take part in a charity race around the Bay this December.

Last year’s Santa and elf run through Cardiff Bay

Last year’s Santa and elf run through Cardiff Bay

Hosting their annual 5K run, the Welsh Hearts charity are aiming to raise £1 million at this year’s Santa and elf run.The charity centers on the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease and the widespread provision of life-saving defibrillators to communities across Wales.

Sharon Owen, director of Welsh Hearts commented, “We need to provide more defibrillators to people around the country so it’s essential we have Welsh communities behind us.”

According to the charities research team, there are 8000 sudden cardiac arrests outside hospital in Wales every year and only a 3% survival rate. A defibrillator is able to restart the heart during a cardiac arrest and save many lives across the country. In fact, the survival rate can increase to 50% which is why Welsh Hearts launched their every second counts appeal for last year’s Santa and elf run.

The money raised from the appeal provided just under 500 defibrillators for people in Wales throughout the year. The charity also provided free CPR training for schools, businesses and sports clubs to train the Welsh public and campaign for better awareness of cardiovascular health in Wales. Sharon said, “We have screened 800 people this year and picked up many serious cases on the way.”

Previous year’s Santa and Elf runner’s celebrating their success

Previous year’s Santa and Elf runner’s celebrating their success

The race has motivated some of Wales’s annual Santa and elf runners to train for the big day this year. Ruth Jones, who is taking part in the run explained, “I am currently running 5K three times a week until race day.” She continued to explain that, “This charity is very dear to my heart so I want to eat right and exercise as regularly as I can before the big day!”










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