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Sewing workshops are becoming more popular due to a fast fashion backlash

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More people are taking up sewing and making their own clothes over concerns about the effects of the fast fashion industry on the environment

woman cutting fabric for sewing
One of the workshops put on by The Little Sewing Works. Credit: Cynthia Gerrard.

Sewing and making your own clothes workshops have started to become popular due to the current concerns over the fast fashion industry and its sustainability problem, so says local sewing experts.

People are choosing to learn how to sew and make their own clothes so they can limit how much fast fashion they are buying, especially when bringing in their own fabrics or charity shop purchases they want to repurpose.

When thinking about the effect fashion fashion has on the environment it is apparent people are wanting to change their ways, especially with the Extinction Rebellion protests that have occurred in Cardiff and all over the country, notably with the group being invited to the Welsh Government climate change conference last week.

Charlotte Peacock, 37, owns Twin Made, a creative craft studio in central Cardiff. They put on workshops where people can come and learn to sew or make an item of clothing, such as a dress. She said, “The increased awareness of climate change and people becoming more educated about things they can change has sparked an interest in people making their own clothes.

“Attendees bring their own fabric, and lots are choosing to upcycle curtains, duvet covers, and one even sewed together lots of tea towels!”

Cynthia Gerrard, 63, owns The Little Sewing Works, a place where people can receive expert sewing tuition, also in central Cardiff. She puts on lots of different sewing classes, ranging from beginners sessions to a two-day dress making course.

She said, “Because of the focus on climate change and sustainability, many more of my pupils are wanting to repurpose their clothes or charity shops purchases, either by altering to fit or completely refashioning.”

Sewing and making your own clothes is an easy way to become more sustainable and cut down on how much fast fashion you are purchasing as instead you are making the clothes yourself and not contributing to the harmful effects of the industry.

Both Twin Made and The Little Sewing Works offer a huge variety of different courses that are put on both during weekdays and at the weekend that can be booked online.

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