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Swimming with the Wild Ones

Whether you’re clinging onto the dying days of summer or hoping to plunge headfirst into nature, the Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) has the perfect activity for you. All year round, people flock to Cardiff’s natural beauty sites to swim in wild waters, centred around the Taff. The river comprises 55 miles of freshwater swimming, running down from the Brecon Beacons. The most popular of these sites is in Bute Park, between Pontcanna Fields and Blackweir Fields, but many more are tried and tested by the OSS.


A popular wild swimming site on the River Taff

A popular wild swimming site on the River Taff


 The OSS is a community of wild swimmers that shares tips of the trade online, for those interested in partaking. Christine Birch of the OSS said, “We are very lucky in the Cardiff and South East Wales areas for beautiful places to swim – from the sea at Barry Island to the River Taff.” So the only question remaining is ‘to wetsuit or not to wetsuit?’

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