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The Troth remembering WW1 with theatre

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Akademi’s The Troth is a one night only performance on 9 November at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, produced in association with the British Army.

The performance is the story of an Indian man who voluntarily served for Britain in Belgium during World War One. It is told through dance, music and film.

With the centaury of World War One approaching this weekend, the show highlights the importance of remembering everyone who lost their lives in the war, not just the British Troops.

Over 1.3 million Indians served during the war for Britain in the Indian Expeditionary Force. This makes them the largest voluntary contributors to the British War effort.

Antareepa Thakur, head of marketing and sales at Akademi said “this production is all about introducing [audiences] to the truth. There is very little acknowledgement to the 150,000 Soldiers who came from South Asia to fight for the Allied Forces.”

Over 1.3 million Indians contributed active service during the war. Photo by Glyn Cridland














Based on a 1915 Hindi short story, it tells a soldier’s sacrifices in the trenches of Belgium in order to keep a promise to an unrequited love.

This award-winning production features wartime footage, original compositions by Josh Hawkins. The music is a blend of World War One sounds and Indian folk music to create an organic experience.

In addition, it has had creative advisement from the British Armed Forces for the Military training, movement and aesthetics throughout.

The performance tells the story of a soldier fulfilling a promise to an unrequited love














The Troth is the creation of a London based South Asian dance organisation called Akademi.

Through dance, the group aim to “inspire audiences and change lives by creating and nurturing excellence in classical, contemporary, popular and participatory South Asian dance.” the press officer, Martha Oakes has said.

Following the performance, audiences can partake in a post-show Q&A with Shri Sriram (musical producer) and the cast.

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