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Trampoline park offers fitness classes

Fitness Class at infinity Trampoline Park
Fitness Class at infinity Trampoline Park

Fitness Class at infinity Trampoline Park. Photo Credit: Candice Weymouth

Interest in physical fitness is on the rise and one leisure facility in Cardiff has decided to jump on the craze.

Infinity Trampoline Park, based in St Catherine’s Park, has recently added fitness classes to its repertoire in order to get more people exercising.

The classes, which take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, are led by a qualified personal trainer and last for up to an hour. Participants are put through their paces, with a simple warm up preceding several rounds of squats, sit ups, pushups and planks – all done while balancing on a trampoline. There are less demanding elements of the classes too, with members being given 15min of free bounce time at the end of each session.

Classes at Infinity Trampoline Park offer an alternative to more conventional fitness facilities. Marketing manager Thomas Coleman says: “People don’t see trampolining as a sport. It’s more recreational, but probably one of the most challenging yet fun exercises you can get up to.”

Despite the fun factor, trampolining also provides a number of health benefits. Candice Weymouth, who currently runs the fitness sessions at Infinity,  says that classes like this can encourage weight loss as individuals use up a considerable amount of calories. She also explains that people may experience notable change to their physiques, including body tightening and toning, as a result of extensive muscle use.

Within the short time that classes have been running, Infinity Trampoline Park has seen a steady increase in attendees and there continues to be growing interest. Candice says: “It’s a class that anybody can get involved in and do to the best of their own, varied ability.”

Infinity are looking to further expand their range of classes, with Zumba Fit and Funky Jump set to be introduced in the future. Additional fitness classes are also on the horizon.

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