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Vintage bikes make cycling accessible

Dan Bradshaw in his Penylan based bike garage

Dan’s deceptively small garage can house up to twelve bikes at a time
(Photos by Matt Ayres)

A bike restoration business in Penylan is helping to make Cardiff a cool and inexpensive cycling destination.

Rollquick Bicycles takes the disused parts from classic British models and recycles them to create retro wonders that are as safe and reliable as most modern bikes.

Green and yellow fixie by Rollquick

The colour scheme for this lightning quick racer was inspired by a similarly swift Jamaican runner



Dan Bradshaw runs the thriving business from a small garage below his home in Doe Close. The 25-year-old recently sold his hundredth bike, allowing him to quit his retail job and focus on his real passion.

“They’re all quirky and different,” enthuses Dan, gesturing towards the assortment of wheels and frames in his workshop. “I’ve never sold two bikes that look the same.”

His unique and attractive bicycles are also reasonably priced; the cheapest go for just £80.

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