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A print you can buy from Filiz’s store

A two day workshop is being run in January to help absolute beginners and struggling sellers make the most of Etsy

A print you can buy from Filiz’s store

A print you can buy from Filiz’s store: Young Generation Store

A two day workshop is being held at Caerphilly Library in January to help beginners run their business on Etsy.

The workshop is aimed at those who have either never sold a thing, or have up to 20 sales.

During those two days, anyone attending the sessions will work through different tasks. These include setting up your shop, photography techniques, optimising the search engine, understanding Etsy’s dashboard and stats and finding your target market.

The days will be run by Sarah-Jane Egan. She has been selling on Etsy since 2011, and has over 1000 sales.

Sarah-Jane had the idea for this workshop after her last one in 2016 was successful. “I had a great time and the feedback from the new sellers was brilliant, so I’m going to do it again!” she said.

Before Etsy, Sarah-Jane had many different jobs. She has been a receptionist, a geologist and a teacher. “Due to health problems in 2011 I had to give up teaching,” said Sarah-Jane. “Selling online gave me the flexibility to manage my health issues and to build a successful business which is has become a full time career.”


Etsy allows small businesses to showcase their work

Etsy allows small businesses to showcase their work

New Etsy seller Filiz Caliskan (24) started her shop last year selling digital prints. She feels her lack of sales is because she has not been investing enough time into the store.

“It’s a really easy website to navigate. I did not find it difficult to create my shop,” Filiz said.

When asked if she felt she would benefit from an Etsy workshop, Filiz replied, “I think it could help me as they are constantly updating their website and putting in new features.”

The workshop will cost £100 for two sessions, but Filiz feels £30 would be a more appropriate price for an Etsy workshop.

“It really depends how long it is for and how much I am going to learn from it. I would be interested to know if it is a good value for money,” said Filiz.

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