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Artist unveils new thread drawings

Contemporary textile artist, Debbie Smyth, has unveiled her latest textile creations made using a technique called thread drawing.

The solo exhibition entitled Outline runs until the 28 November at Gallery/Ten.

thread drawing

Crane Chain by Debbie Smyth is one of the pieces currently on display at gallery/ten

Smyth shows her development with the pin and thread, looking at the human figure and nature in her exhibition.

“I feel as if I am taking thread out of its comfort zone” said Miss Smyth.

“The images are first plotted out before being filled out with thread. The angles contrast with the floating ends of the thread.”

Miss Smyth is well known for her statement thread drawings and has been commissioned by many companies including the BBC to produce a String Union Jack artwork as part of the Festival of Creativity at the Long Museum Shanghai this year.

thread drawing

Read between the lines is another piece by the artist showing her developed skills with the pin and thread