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Brunch Club with a twist

Inside Charlotte’s workshop in The Bone Yard, Canton – home to the brunch event










A Canton based craft company is hosting an alternative, creative brunch club this November.  

The quirky workshop business, Twin Made, is hosting its Sunday Brunch Craft Club on the 11th of this month, and will include a tutorial on how to craft your own seasonal, glittery bunting alongside a bring-your-own brunch spread.

The event will be located in one of The Bone Yard’s vibrant shipping container studios and has been orchestrated by the owner of Twin Made, Charlotte Peacock, 36, after she decided to add a twist to the traditional Cardiff brunch scene.

“I wanted to hold something that I knew I would enjoy,” explained Charlotte, who has designed the event so that people can come in with no prior crafting skills, and leave with something they have made.

“I love brunch, and it’s an hour on a Sunday morning where people can come in, bring their coffees and pastries from a local coffee shop, and then we have a craft that they can just sit and do.”

Held once every month, the brunch clubs are small sessions where people can learn a new craft skill with one – to – one support, or refresh the skills they already have with access to all necessary materials.

The brunch event takes place inside what Charlotte’s website describes as a riot of colour in a shipping container, and usually hosts groups of two to three people – friends or strangers – for a midday session of craft and conversation.

“It’s a bit like therapy,” jokes Charlotte.  

“Women come and leave with the weight lifted off their shoulders.

“They have an hours not worrying about the house, not worrying about work and not worrying about the pet.

“They’re all friends when they leave.”

You can discover more about Sunday Brunch Craft Club on the Twin Made website.



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