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Cardiff character: Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan Clwb Ifor Bach painting

Illustrator Phil Morgan created the artwork for the side of popular Welsh bar, Clwb Ifor Bach

Penarth born illustrator Phil Morgan is fast becoming a prominent feature in Cardiff’s art scene, but his ambitions take him far further than the streets of Roath. “I’ve been networking with other people in America to try and get work that side again, maybe possibly in Miami and maybe some more shows in LA but it’s all up in the air.” he explains. “I’m also looking to do stuff in Australia at some point, maybe in Brisbane or Melbourne.”

Phil, 34, has always had a talent for drawing but only started to take it seriously in the last five years. Whilst working at City Surf he entered a competition to design a skateboard for Crayon Skateboard, he didn’t win but it opened doors. “The one owl board that I released turned into a series of three boards, and then I released six different skateboard graphics for his company.”

Working the city

Since then Phil has built up a strong Cardiff network, working with a number of people including Milgi, Welsh Club and more recently taking part in the Made in Roath festival where he created his school is the new cool piece. “I think Made In Roath is amazing. It made actual parts of Cardiff that look a bit dull and dreary a bit more vibrant.” he says.

Since the festival, more and more pieces of art have been popping up across the city in form of underground exhibitions and street art. “There’s definitely a movement here in Cardiff, definitely with things like Milgi, Sho Gallery and Chapter. There’s always people trying to put on shows and people doing things like live art shows, like God Machine has done that in the past with artists that he’s invited to come down.” Phil explains.

Ditching the 9-5

With his black-framed glasses, baseball cap and 4 day stubble, his image is a reflection to that fact that he is his own boss after going freelance a few years ago. He’s escaped the daily 9-5, and he loves it. “It’s definitely something that’s made me realise that I want to improve on what I do and get out there as much as possible.” says Phil.

Phil has used his talent for a number of projects: designing wedding invitations, band posters and even murals for some of Cardiff’s clubs. His disco a-gogo illustration on the side of Clwb Ifor Bach is one that Phil is particularly proud of.  “Welsh Club was always something that I really wanted to do so when Chill asked me to do that it was a big one.” Phil admits.

Putting Cardiff on the map  

Phil’s ambition is to get his work seen by as many people as possible so it comes as no surprise that he has big dreams that involve international exposure. However, the Penarth boy also wants to put Cardiff on the map. “My next plan now and the next thing I’m looking to do is that I want to curate my own show in Cardiff with friends that I’ve made of the last three or four years.” 

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