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Cardiff Character: Taylor Bowden-Parry

Ambitious musician and business co-owner Taylor Bowden-Parry, 22, is proof that being a driven graduate can get you success.

Lead vocal and guitarist of The Effect and partner in videography, photography and graphics and web design company weCREATE, Taylor has taken two of his passions and carved a career for himself.

With his infectious smile and lust for life it is no surprise that Taylor has grabbed every opportunity thrown at him with both hands.

The Effect

After finishing their latest UK tour last month, The Effect are looking to the future for bigger and brighter things. 

As the lead singer and guitarist, Taylor’s favourite part of the tour was playing at The Enterprise in Camden on Halloween.

“It was heaving and so good to play in London which is the main source of new music and where bands are most likely to get noticed,” he says.

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Taylor took the two things he loved most and made a career out of them both

The band formed in the summer of 2009 and is made up of four school friends. “We have never fallen out on tour. Touring for us is like a holiday. We all get to chill together and experience new cities – it’s great fun,” he admits.

The Effect are currently planning another UK tour and their first European tour for January 2015. They are also working on their first debut album to be released next year, which takes a different direction in its sound adding a ‘dancy’ edge to alternative rock. “It still sounds like us but with a twist,” he says.

In terms of the band’s future, Taylor hopes they will reach a stage where regardless of what city they are playing in people will come and sing along and relate to their lyrics.


Alongside his budding music career, Taylor is also a co-owner of company weCREATE with Simon Hughes. The ever expanding company specialises in photography, videography, graphics and web design.

Taylor and Simon were both freelancing at university and decided to combine their media skills to offer the complete media package.

weCREATECropFor a blossoming business weCREATE are taking leaps and bounds, particularly with their wedding videography, with bookings for as far as 2016.

“We sit with the couples as they watch the videos for the first time and most of them cry. It is amazing because you get to be a part of something so full of happiness,” he says with a warm smile. 

Taylor adds, “People have commented on our videos and said that you can really feel the love of the day which is a hard thing to capture.”


Taylor’s passion for his work comes across in not only the finished products which condense 12-14 hours of footage into highlights, but also in his soft appearance and positive attitude.

He emphasises the personal touch of their work, saying “We pick the best parts of the day and choose a song based on the couple.”

For someone so full of energy and positivity, it seems that Taylor’s hopes for weCREATE’s future is simply for more of the same. 

“I just want to continue focusing on the business and build a bigger audience for the band,” he says. “I am very lucky because it is amazing to be able to do what I love and make a living from it.”

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