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Cardiff remembers icy expedition

Centenary anniversary for South Pole explorers marked by local exhibitions

Cardiff will host several exhibitions to mark the centenary of the South Pole adventures (Photograph: National Museum Cardiff)


It’s 100 years since Roald Amundsen beat Captain Scott in reaching the South Pole, but both their Antarctic adventures will be remembered in Cardiff over the coming months.

The Norwegian Church has opened the Photo exhibition, Cold Recall: Reflections of a Polar Explorer, featuring images from the lantern slides used by Amundsen in his lectures.

January will focus on Scott, whose memory is held dear to Cardiff. Chapter will show The Great White Silence – Herbert Ponting’s footage of the expedition. 

National Museum Cardiff will open the South for Science exhibition, which uniquely looks at the positive scientific advances the ill-fated expedition made.

National Museum Cardiff said, “The expedition has long been regarded as the classic example of British heroic failure but there was much more to Scott’s exhibition than this.”

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