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Faded Magazine set for launch

For far too long, Cardiff’s underground clubbing scene has lain under explored and underrepresented. 

A new magazine, launched by trainee journalists at Cardiff University, is looking to address this issue and shine a light on the nights which students and partygoers alike may not be aware of. 

Seka, resident at Teak, one of the DJ's who's been involved with Faded

DJ Seka, one of a growing number of local Cardiff DJ’s within the underground scene

Nights like Cellar Door, Perc, Teak and Splott Warehouse have seen their popularity boom over the past couple of years, and this rise doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon. Faded have spoken to the DJs and promoters at the heart of Cardiff’s underground clubbing sphere and pieced together a magazine filled to the brim with style and substance.

The first issue will be released Tuesday December 11. You can now read it on Issuu.

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