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Folk-Stars bring Fresh Flavour to Cardiff

Rusty Shackle, Meilir and The Gentle Good are masters of the Folk genre with a twist.

The three Welsh acts are all responsible for introducing an intriguing interpretation of Folk to Cardiff’s live music scene.

 Rusty Shackle juggles an exciting cocktail of influences. Celtic story-telling, Bluegrass and a pinch of Rock combine to give the band their distinct ‘Rusty vibes’ describes their fiddler, Scott McKeon.

Rusty Shackle performing live at Cardiff's Oxjam

 Whereas, Meilir, creates textured layers of sound by experimenting with his own unique instruments, including a typewriter and even a tray filled with gravel!

The Gentle Good, solo artist Gareth Bonello, compliments dark folk tales with intricate guitar work. He deconstructs the genre to its purest form and uses nature as the predominant influence behind his hypnotic melodies.

This talented trio of acts present an eclectic mix of ingenious answers to how Folk music can captivate a live audience.







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