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Musical march for Remembrance Day

A band of army reservists will march together at Cathays Park this Remembrance Day to pay tribute to fallen service men and women

The Regimental Band & Corps of Drums of The Royal Welsh come together to perform at major events

The Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of The Royal Welsh come together to perform at major events

You may have seen The Regimental Band & Corps of Drums of the Royal Welsh as the major backdrop at sporting events, more specifically at rugby international games featuring Wales. This Remembrance Day the band will assemble at Cathays Park where they will perform quality music for the public before marching to the cenotaph for 1100.

Full time reserve and member of the band Colour Sergeant (CSgt) Richard Hood said Remembrance Day is about “giving respect” to people who have given their lives to preserve our freedom.


The band’s continued appearance at the world-famous Millennium Stadium has been hugely appreciated by rugby fans from all over the world. Typically performing on a parade as a marching band or on a concert platform, the military band are well-known for their versatility and ability to provide music for all types of functions and occasions. Within The Regimental Band & Corps of the Royal Welsh, they host a Marching Band, a Concert Band and a Fanfare Team.

The musical group have travelled abroad extensively, including countries such as: Belgium, France and Germany and in 2007 they toured Australia. CSgt Hood said, “Even though we are reserves, we are one of the busiest bands around. We are busy every weekend and practice once a week.”

Katie Christopher from Merthyr Tydfil, whose fiance was seriously injured in Afghanistan, stressed how important it was to show respect to fallen soldiers and doing so through music is a “beautiful thing”. She said, “Everybody loves military bands because they play amazing music that is so emotional and really stresses the importance of the day. I can’t wait to see them.”

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