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Protecting your treasures: Vox pop

St. Fagans reveals how they protect their prized collections

Lizzy Nicholson, Bridal shop assistant, explains how she keeps her treasures safe. (Photo by Jade Price.)

St. Fagans will be sharing their secrets on how to keep five hundred year-old collections in mint condition.

Many people have prized possessions of their own and they can be difficult to keep safe over the years. Imagine how hard it must be for a museum to keep their five hundred year-old objects in good condition.

The Welsh Natural History Museum, St. Fagans, will be holding a talk on 26 November to share its secrets with members of the public on how it protects its precious collections and our ancient heritage. The talk will be held by Conservator Sue Renault, Head of Conservation, Social and Cultural History.

This enlightening talk is open to all ages and admission is free. It will run from 2pm-3pm.

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