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Raider of the Lost Harp

Conformist is an experimental musician who digs up sounds of 300-year-old Welsh instruments from the musical compost heap.


Also known as Mike Simmons, Conformist is using ancient Welsh instruments to fuel his forthcoming, currently nameless, second album. It will include a Welsh triple harp, a Welsh flute and a pibgorn – a 300-year-old woodwind instrument made from bullhorn.

It doesn’t stop here. “If my ambitions aren’t too excessive I would love to feature a full Welsh Male voice choir”, says Conformist.

Conformist’s music feeds from a seam of harmony located between convention and chaos. Using archaic cut and paste techniques, his 2012 debut album, Paid to Fake It, created a mackerel skin of frequencies by compressing sound from television, throaty pornos, tambourines and whistles.