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Record stores sales are at an all time high

Tucked away from a bustling Albany Road, lies The Record Shop. Packed full of old Vinyl, Cd’s and cassettes any music collector would love this shop and most definitely find their holy grail.

The cosy shop has been described as “one of the friendliest record shops in Cardiff” and the feeling when inside only proves the point. Packed full of records, navigation through the shop takes an element of skill, with boxes of records and overflowing shelves seem to be everywhere.

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The Shop, 1 inverness place in the heart of Roath.

With Vinyl sales having reached an all time high since 1988 and revenue from vinyl records has surpassed revenue that the industry receives from ad-supported streaming services such as Youtube and Free Spotify for second year in a row said Milly Stilinovic in Forbes magazine.

Shop owner Paul Brown said “We’ve been open for 25 years now and obviously with any business you have good days and bad days but the last few years have been really good”. adding that ” we get a lot of the Dj’s from town buying a lot of Dance records and a lot of young people coming through the door”.

Regular Customer Josh Worthy, 23, from Chepstow said that he first found the shop in 2011 when he lived up the road saying ” I bought all my first House and Disco records here when I first started getting into Djing when I was about 19.”

The selection of records inside the shop is excellent, a place where a customer could spend hours tracking down musical gems. The slightly chaotic filing system means that often a simple search can end up being a long process.

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Outside the shop front are various bargain boxes packed full of 20p and 50p records which customers spend long amounts of time hauling through trying to find a steal.

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Records inside the shop are well priced with most albums costing in and around £4 and singles £1.

Andy Richards who runs regular club nights at GwDi Huw and is the co owner at Blue Honey in the High street arcade that sell vinyl and vintage clothing said that “Vinyl sales have been rising since we opened”.

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